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High Steaks (Sembawang)
Western | Grill
At High Steaks, you’ll find, well, quality steaks, ribs, sides, and drinks. We are located in a quiet, sylvan area along Sembawang Road, with cosy vibes that makes our place ideal for get-togethers.

Gourmands will appreciate the level of care taken by our main chef Gerald, who spent many years perfecting the art of cooking beef and lamb to perfection.

Show-stoppers here include the Argentinean Angus Ribeye, Australian Angus Tomahawk Steak, and Spanish Premium Pork Ribs.
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$20-$30 / person
Alcoholic Drinks


1030 Sembawang Road
Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
12:00PM to 11:00PM

Closed on Mondays

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Premium Spanish Pork Ribs (Quarter Rack)
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Wine (Housepour) / Beer (From Tap)
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Situated in the quiet stretch of Sembawang Road just off Sembawang Park, steak and grill aficionados will love what High Steaks has to offer.

Here, High Steaks’ head chef Gerald’s steaks are first cooked sous vide, then grilled. After having spent five years perfecting the timing and other elements, Gerald’s efforts culminate in a tender, juicy slab of Argentinean Angus Ribeye that is cooked evenly, and bursts with flavour in your mouth. The dish is even better when you pair it with the restaurant’s homemade red wine reduction.

Other highlights include the crabcake that’s made of fresh, unadulterated crabmeat served with raspberries that elevate the dish, and the expertly seasoned fall-off-the-bone Spanish Pork Ribs (smoked with a mix of woods).

What is admirable about High Steaks is its dedication to serving first-rate dishes at affordable prices, and with minimal wait time. Overall a fantastic dining experience.
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