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Madrinaa Italiano (Holland Village).
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With its humble start-up where it all started back in 2007, Madrinaa stands for God-Mother, and like all god-mothers are in fairy tales, it signifies to be patient and loving with everyone and it's the attitude Madrinaa would like to bring forth to the table. The sophisticated and cozy furnishings creates a homely and comfortable ambience that one would love to relax and revel in over a night of good food and great wine.

With huge emphasis on the quality of the food, from the fine ingredients to the cooking to even the food presentation, not one part is overlooked in the process of the food-making.

Madrinaa prides itself on its authentic Italian cuisine, of which boasts their signature tomato-based thin-crust pizza, calamari rings, truffle pasta and also the highly raved lasagna as well.

The pizza dish's secret and popularity not only lies in their homemade sauce and fresh dough, but that they are also GLUTEN-FREE that was started for one family in 2008 (Madrinaa has won GLUTEN-FREE FAMILY), which is not common among the pizza-makers.

And alas, as with all good food, Italian cuisine is best accompanied by wine. Madrinaa offers a huge range of wine which they serve to its customers, whom are treated very much like family.
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$30-$50 / person
Pet Friendly


Block 44
Jalan Merah Saga #01-60
Chip Bee Gardens
Holland Village
Singapore 278116
Opening Hours:
11:30AM - 2:30AM everyday

5:30PM - 10:30PM everyday

(Open on all 7 days a week)


This little gem, designed to resemble a homey Italian bistro in the idyllic neighbourhood of Chip Bee Gardens, is best known for its gluten-free pizzas that evoke a robust Mediterranean flavour.

Helmed by Chef Sunda who comes with 15 years of experience with Italian cuisine, we love how he puts in a lot of passion, effort and thought into every one of his dishes – from the way it’s presented, to the way it feels once consumed (for instance, English parsley is added to his Penne All’Arrabiata dish as it’s healthier and doesn’t leave diners feeling bloated after the meal).

Priding himself on using only the best quality ingredients, a treat is in store for you here – whether you’re visiting for lunch or dinner.

Begin with the Bruschetta that’s richly dressed with olive oil, seasoned tomato, basil oregano and buffalo mozzarella concasse. Then, move on to the Spinach Salad with balsamic vinegar that’s cooked in the pan at a precise 80 to 100 degrees that whets your appetite for more on the menu.

The Penne All’Arrabiata offers a mix of flavours that come together beautifully as you take the first bite. We tried the same dish that includes capers and olives (available upon request), and we loved the mellow flavour better.
The Truffle Pasta with wild mushrooms, garlic, black truffles and a wild rucola salad is moreish as the truffle flavours permeate the entire dish. Prefer a rice dish? The Risotto Con Maiale (or al pork) is deliciously creamy and fluffy.

And, if you still have room, the Salmon Stick (that’s salmon with a crispy skin, tender meat wrapped in filo pastry atop a bed of spinach) is perfectly cooked. Of course, what’s a visit to this bistro without sampling its pizzas? Try the Bormio (beef pepperoni with minced pork) and/or Brindisi (Beef Pepperoni and Pork Salami) that features generous toppings on top of a springy thin-crust base.
Value for money
Located along the famous food street of Chip Bee Gardens is this charming establishment. Don’t let Chef Sunda Indian blood fool you to think he cannot concoct Italian dishes! He spent 15 years learning the ropes from a Sicilian chef and is proud to showcase delicious dishes such as the spaghetti alla puttanesca and calamari enrobed in a crispy, moreish batter. His plump scallops and prawns sitting on onion confit and sun-dried tomatoes topped with caviar is a party in your mouth!
Value for money
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