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Picotin Express (Fairways Drive)
European | Western | Bar
With a family friendly equestrian theme and universally appealing menu staples, Picotin Express is a chic bistro that nonetheless gives way for horsing around. The refurbished look of Picotin has brought with it troves of fans, still clamouring for its French brasserie fare and short-and-sweet list of perfect pizzas. Supplement those with savoury little bar bites, well priced beverages, a breakfast menu and killer French desserts, and you have yourself a recipe for a major crowdpleaser. The understated look of the place is charming yet accessible, with lush greenery views of the Champion Golf Course. From the menu, addictively good starters and bar bites are a great place to begin. In the Calamari Frits, rings and spirals of tender seafood are crusted in a light coating and served with a simple garlic mayo dipping sauce that's unexpectedly tastier than the classic marinara. The Honey Glazed Pork Ribs are another finger licking good option, this time from the mains, with fall-off-the-bone meat and a sticky sweet barbecue sauce that pairs well with the fluffy baked potato that comes with it. The Pico Burger and Classic Steak Frites show off the kitchen's grilling chops, both coming perfectly crusted and pink on the inside, and served with a golden pile of fries. From the lovely thin crusted pizzas, the house favourite Pinto has earned itself a spot at the top of the list with salty parma ham, peppery rocket and shavings of nutty parmesan atop a cracker like crust. With such great, can't go-wrong options, it's no surprise that diners are galloping to their tables at Picotin!
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$30-$50 / person


60 Fairways Drive
Champions Golf
Singapore 286966
Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday
7:00AM - 11:00PM

Friday & Saturday
7:00AM - 1:00AM

All-Day dining from 12:00PM daily


Nestled in the leafy surrounds of Bukit Timah’s horse riding club, this two-year old establishment emanates a rural vibe that doesn’t feel like you’re in Singapore. Most of the regulars come here for tantalising Lamb Stew, juicy Beef Burgers packed with ingredients, the freshest Goat’s Cheese and perfectly fried Calamari that is moreish and appetising.
Value for money
8 Days

Chef's Specials

Wood-fired Pizza
Honey glazed pork ribs, duo of potato gratin, salad
Whole roasted spring chicken, herbed potatoes, Vichy carrots, white and brown shimeji mushrooms