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Tomo Izakaya (Clarke Quay)
Asian | Japanese | Bar
With a traditional yet trendy izakaya-style dining concept, Tomo Izakaya offers an exquisite array of Japanese small-dish cuisines perfectly complemented with fine sakes, shochus, wines and spirits.

In Japanese, Tomo (toh-moh) means ‘friend’ and izakaya comes from a combination of I (ee) and sakaya (sah-kai-ya], which means ‘to stay in a sake shop’.

Izakaya are the traditional taverns or pubs in old buildings frequented by Japanese salarymen who would, after a long hard day at work, unwind together with colleagues over sake and light meals before returning home for dinner. Today, izakayas are greatly enjoyed by young urbanites and are overtaking sushi and ramen shops in popularity.

Guests of Tomo Izakaya can enjoy tête-à-têtes with friends and bond over great food, wines and spirits.

With a seating capacity of 210, Tomo Izakaya at Clarke Quay is Singapore’s largest izakaya. It captures the essence of the traditional izakaya with its rustic charm and yet remains chic and contemporary with its minimalist Zen-like décor. It boasts a prime location just by the side of Read Bridge. Overlooking the Singapore River, it offers a breathtaking view of people, places and parties.
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$30-$50 / person
Alcoholic Drinks
Near to MRT (5mins walk)


3A River Valley Road #01-04,
Singapore 179020
Opening Hours:
12:00PM - 3:00PM
6:00PM - 1:00AM

12:00PM - 3:00PM
6:00PM - 3:00AM

12:00PM - 3:00PM
6:00PM - 1:00AM


This eatery looks and feels just like an izakaya in Japan. What’s yummy here: tender, slow-cooked stewed Pork Ribs and Grilled Skewers featuring bacon-wrapped asparagus and meatballs. For something lighter, the Toku-Jyou Chirashi with raw seafood like sweet shrimp and tuna belly on plump glutinous rice, is decent.
Value for money
8 Days


Chef's Specials

Buta Soki Nitsuke
Toku Jyou Chirashi