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What is MeClub?

MeClub is the award-winning loyalty programme of Mediacorp with a growing base of over 680,000 members. Members can earn Star Points while enjoying their favourite Mediacorp content on TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and outdoor. These Star Points can then be used to redeem exciting rewards such as Feast subscription, concert tickets, preview passes, shopping vouchers and other exclusive gifts.

How do I become a member?

It's simple! Visit or download the MeClub app on your smartphone. Quickly sign up for a Mediacorp ID and you are on the way to great stuff! Remember to update all fields in your profile (including NRIC/ID for redemption purposes), so we can serve you with more personalised rewards. Membership is open to all aged 4 and above.

What is Mediacorp ID?

The Mediacorp ID is your passport to all Mediacorp websites, including,,, and more. Registration takes less than a minute!

I already have a Mediacorp ID. Do I need to register again?

You do not need to register again. Go to "My Profile" and check MeClub under your eNewsletter subscriptions.

Will I receive a membership card upon registration?

There is no physical membership card.

What are MeClub Picks?
MeClub Picks are curated highlights from our gift catalogue and partner promotions. Check back MeClub picks on our homepage often and don’t miss out on the goodies!
What is 'Peek'?
Peek can be found on our homepage, and is our photo gallery dedicated to showcasing images from our celebrity dates and preview events held specially for our members.
How to update my profile?

To update your profile, follow these steps:

1. Go to "My Profile"

2. Click "Edit Profile"

3. Fill in the compulsory fields

4. Click "Save" to update

5. To redeem or earn, click "Back to Previous Website"

My current email account is no longer in use. Can I change my email address?

The system does not allow a change of email address. Here’s what you can do:

1. You can use the remaining points associated with the existing email address.

2. Email your request to to have all confirmation emails sent to your new email address.

3. Once all the Star Points have been fully utilised, email us again to delete that account. You can then create a new MeClub account using your new email address.

Are my Star Points transferable to my new account?

Star Points are not transferable.

When do my Star Points expire?

Star Points earned between JAN and JUN this year will expire JUN next year.

Star Points earned between JUL and DEC this year will expire DEC next year.

For example,

Star Points earned 1 JAN - 30 JUN 2016: expire on 30 JUN 2017.

Star Points earned 1 JUL - 31 DEC 2016: expire on 31 DEC 2017.

What will I see in my transaction history?

You will see your redemptions, purchases and earned transactions history.

Am I able to view last year’s transactions?

You can access your past 6-month transaction history.

What are Perks?

All MeClub members will enjoy our specially curated Perks! Perks are similar to gifts, except that they do NOT require any Star Points. Yay! However, redemptions of Perks are available on mobile devices only. Don’t miss out and download your app today!

Do I need to use Star Points to redeem Perks?

No, you do not need any Star Points to redeem Perks. Simply click “Get Voucher” and the voucher will be sent to your wallet.

What else is special about these Perks?

There are different types of Perks offered by our partners. Some vouchers are limited in quantity, while others are available without limit. If you see a voucher that you like, grab it into your wallet immediately before it runs out.

I don’t have a smartphone, how can I access the voucher?

All voucher redemptions are available on mobile devices only.

I redeemed a Perk, but I did not receive any confirmation email. Why?

For Perks, you will not receive any confirmation email. Just grab it into your wallet by pressing “Get Voucher”, and you will see the voucher in your wallet.

Where can I find the voucher I grabbed using “Get Voucher”?

You can find it in “Wallet”.

Can I transfer my Perk to my friend?

Perks are not transferable.

What are vouchers?

Vouchers are coupons which you can use at online and offline merchants. There are 3 ways of receiving vouchers:

1. Redeem a voucher from GET A GIFT

2. Redeem a voucher from PERKS (NO points required!)

3. Special vouchers sent to you from brands or category partners that you have expressed interest in (NO points required!)

How do I follow brands and categories?

Go to “My Profile” and start following. Based on what you follow, we will occasionally push a promotional voucher into your wallet to surprise you!

However, to receive these vouchers, you need to update your profile by providing all mandatory particulars in Mediacorp ID account. Click here to update your profile.

How do I use these vouchers?

You may use them directly at online and offline merchants. Refer to individual vouchers for details.

Why did my voucher disappear?

Some vouchers are valid for a certain period only. Once expired, they will disappear from your wallet. So make sure you use them while they are still valid.

How can I earn Star Points?

1. Download MeClub app on your smartphone.

2. Look out for MeClub passcodes/QR codes on Mediacorp’s TV programmes, newspapers, magazines, websites, bus stop ads and outdoor screens.

3. “Enter a Code” or “Scan a code” using our MeClub app.

4. You will be awarded with Star Points instantly!

How else can I earn Star Points? I do not own a smartphone.

You can earn Star Points by taking part in our online surveys and polls on Check out “Share a View”. Share more and earn more!

Besides that, you can also earn Star Points in “Invite a Friend” by referring your friends to join MeClub. Each successful referral will earn you 50 Star Points. Please read specific terms and conditions that apply in that section.

I tried doing a survey in “Share a View” but it says I have reached my limit. Why?

Each member can take up to 5 surveys per month. If you have reached the limit for the month, points will not be awarded even if you choose to proceed to take more surveys.

Why do I have to download the MeClub app on my smartphone?

In order for you to earn Star Points, you will need the QR scanner in the MeClub app to scan our QR codes or to enter the passcodes.

In addition, the MeClub app also lets you enjoy the Perks from our participating merchants, including attractive shopping and clubbing privileges.

Can I use a normal QR code reader?

To scan our QR code, an ordinary QR code reader will not work. You will only be awarded Star Points if the MeClub QR code is scanned using the scanner in the MeClub app.

How do I use my Star Points to redeem gifts?
You can view our gift catalogue by logging into your MeClub account on or the MeClub app.
What can I redeem using my Star Points?

1. Get a Gift: Redeem movie passes, drama previews and autographed premiums

2. Make a Wish: Get your wish granted by a Mediacorp artiste

3. Date a Star: Get up close and personal with your favourite celebrities

4. Send a Love: Make a dedication on your favourite radio station and receive a memento clip

How do I know that my redemption is successful?

If your redemption is successful, it will be listed as a transaction under “My Profile”.

How do I collect my gifts?

In the respective gift/vouchers, you can find details under "HOW TO COLLECT".

For collection at Mediacorp: Please present your NRIC/ID. If you are sending a representative to collect on your behalf, you will need an authorisation form (see next question).

For collection at other locations: Please refer to instructions given in respective gift pages.

What if I can't collect my gifts personally?

Download and fill up the authorisation form. At the point of collection, please submit the following:

1. Authorisation form (duly filled up and signed)

2. A photocopy of your ID/NRIC (front & back)

3. A photocopy of representative's ID/NRIC (front & back)

After I have made the redemption, how soon can I collect my gift?

After successful redemption, your gift will be available for collection 2 working days later (exclude Sat, Sun, PH). Unless stated otherwise, please collect your gift within 30 days of redemption. All uncollected gifts will be forfeited.

What if I change my mind after I have redeemed/collected my gift?

After you have redeemed, purchased or collected your gift, there will be strictly no refund or exchange for another gift, product, service, cash or Star Points.

Can I redeem more than one gift at a time?

Yes, you can redeem multiple gifts as long as you have enough points, subject to stock availability. However, certain gifts may have redemption limit per person. Please read the terms and conditions before you redeem.

I can't seem to redeem the gifts even though I have registered to be a member. Why?

Before redemption, please ensure that:

1. You have sufficient Star Points to redeem the gift of your choice

2. You have updated your profile by providing all mandatory particulars in Mediacorp ID account. We require your NRIC/ID number so that we are able to identify you when you collect your gifts. Click here to update your profile.

Is there an age limit for gift redemption?

Some gifts may come with age requirements. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for each gift to find out if you are eligible to redeem.

What is the Wallet used for?

Your Wallet stores the vouchers you have redeemed or received from partners. Use these vouchers at online and offline merchants.

How do I follow my interest categories and favourite brands?

You can go to "My Profile" to update or edit the interest categories and brands you like to follow.

Why should I follow?

Based on the interests and brands that you follow, we will send you relevant vouchers that we think you might like. Once we push the voucher to your wallet, you will receive a notification pop up on your mobile phone (provided you allow us). That way, you’ll never miss your favourite deals.

What is the Cart used for?

When you spot a gift that you would like to redeem/purchase, add it into the Cart. The Cart is a temporary place to hold the gifts you have shortlisted. Please note that each transaction is not confirmed until you check out and make the necessary payment (if any). Do not wait too long to check out, as popular items with limited quantity may run out of stock very quickly, even if you have them in your cart.

Where can I find the Cart?

On desktop, you can find it at the top right corner of the page.

On mobile, you can see it in Get a Gift (a gift box icon). The “Go to Cart” button will appear at the bottom of the screen as soon as you have added an item into the Cart.

Can I get a refund after I have made a purchase?

All purchases are final, and there is strictly no refund.

Do I need a PayPal account?

Please use your credit/debit card if you do not have a PayPal account.

Can I exchange my Star Points for cash?

No, Star Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

How do I take part in the lucky draw?

Look for “Win” in our homepage, where we give away attractive prizes to lucky members from our preferred partners. To take part, go the Win page and redeem your chances to win. You enjoy a lucky draw chance with every 250 Star Points redeemed.

Why is my MeClub app not working?

You may want to download and reinstall the latest MeClub app available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Why can't I download the MeClub app?

The MeClub app requires iOS 8/Android 4.0 or later. Try downloading again after you have updated your mobile operating system.

If I have a question for MeClub, where can I send it to?
If you have an enquiry, please email us or call us at 6333 3888, Mondays to Saturdays, 8.30am to 11pm (including public holidays)
I am a merchant, how do I feature my brand or services on MeClub?

Email us at and our partnership team would be in touch with you.

What is Feast?

Feast is an exclusive dining privileges programme by MeClub for subscribers to savour 1-for-1 dining treats at well-loved restaurants, cafés and bars in Singapore at amazing savings.

How do I sign up for Feast?

Signing up for Feast is easy! Click on the “Activate Now” button and you can start enjoying 1-for-1 dining offers for a period of 12 months from enrolment date.

How do I use Feast?
  • Open your MeClub app
  • Pick your favourite restaurant under Feast tab
  • Choose your dining offer
  • Show desired treat to restaurant staff before placing your order
  • Upon verification, restaurant staff will provide an activation code to key in
  • Bon Appetit!
Other information
  • You may enjoy up to three 1-for-1 dining offers for every restaurant
  • Each offer can only be redeemed once
  • Feast is governed by the above and Feast General Terms and Conditions

For more information about Feast, reach us